Councillor Highlights

1. Dodge Ball Tournament and Food Drive for 360kids
Local resident, Sonny Dhillon recently hosted yet another memorable community fundraising event. His latest dodgeball tournament collected over 6000 pounds of food in support of 360kids and the Richmond Hill Community Foodbank!  Thank you to all the youth that came out to support the event and for the incredible generosity of Sonny and his family
2. Go Raptors Go!
Richmond Hill came out and cheer on our Toronto Raptors at a number of “Jurassic Parks” set up in our City, including one at Richmond Green. It was great for my family to celebrate the Raptors win with our neighbours and it was really exciting to see our Toronto Raptors victorious in the end. The fan support from all across the country was incredible!
3.  Clean Up Green Up Weeks – Results
As I reported in a previous e newsletter, Richmond Hill citizens, community groups, staff, and businesses all worked together this spring to clean up Richmond Hill. A record 10,300 individuals participated in this project and I want to thank all those involved for their participation and for caring for our community.
4. Bike to Work Day
Bike to Work day is an annual event that is hosted and organized by Smart Commute Markham Richmond Hill. I have supported this event for many years, as the Council liaison on the Smart Commute Advisory Group and a participant. The event promotes using biking and active transportation to get to work in Richmond Hill and Markham. Many bike riders participated including both enthusiasts that already regularly bike to work, and others that are interested in biking to work periodically and want to learn more about their options. Thanks to the organizers for scheduling this on a beautiful sunny day like they always do.

5.  Al Nadwa Educational Islamic Iftar Dinner and Eid al Fitr

It was a pleasure and honour to attend a Muslim Iftar Dinner. The Iftar Dinner marks the breaking of the daily fast during the month of Ramadan. The event was hosted in partnership with the Al Nadwa Educational Islamic Center along with Richmond Hill Council and the York Regional Police. 
I was also honoured to attend the Eid al Fitr prayer service on June 5th in Richmond Hill. This celebration is shared around the world by millions of Muslims and marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. During the service the Imam delivered a message relating to the importance of building strong communities for all, and a message of thanksgiving that this celebration includes.
6.  Addressing Human Trafficking in York Region
The Meeting House Church hosted a seminar at the Richmond Hill United Church regarding the issue of Human Trafficking in York Region. The event was focused on finding solutions to this issue and supporting the work that Law Enforcement agencies, including our York Regional Police are currently doing to curb this illegal activity. The message that was delivered at this seminar, was that Human Trafficking is happening in York Region, and it is likely happening to a greater degree than most people think. I look forward to learning more about this issue and to explore ways that our community can work in partnership with law enforcement agencies, like York Regional Police, to eliminate this terrible problem.
7. Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Centre Fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital
A local business in our community, Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Centre, recently invited me to participate in their annual fundraiser in support of Sick Kids Hospital. So far they have raised over $120,000 for the hospital and more was raised this month. Thank you to the owners, staff, and clients at Lullaboo for their generosity toward improving healthcare for children in our community and beyond.
8. Pride Flag Raising in Richmond Hill
As a proud supporter of various LGBTQ groups in our community I was happy to participate in a flag raising at the City Hall to mark Pride Month in Richmond Hill. Our community is an inclusive community and we are proud of it! 
9. Heart and Stroke Big Bike 
Photo courtesy of Marj Andre
For several years in a row I have been invited to peddle the Big Bike with the Connecting the Community Team. Each year this group raises a great deal of money to support Heart and Stroke research. Over the past few years we have raised over $75,000 for the cause. Thank you Marj Andre for leading this group and for the great work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation that Connecting the Community supports.
10. Med Edge in Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill recently hosted the Med Edge conference that brings together companies who participate in the medical technology field. This well attended annual event also helps promote Richmond Hill as a location for companies in the field of Medical Technology.