Council Public Meeting Scheduled for 10684 and 10692 Yonge Street

Last month the community was well represented at the Council Public Meeting for this proposed 28 storey building.
As most residents in the area of Yonge and Arten/Creekview Avenue know, Richmond Hill Planning staff received a development application for 10684 and 10692 Yonge Street (on Yonge St. between Oxford St. and Elgin Mills Rd.) proposing a 28 storey apartment building on the subject lands with a residential density measured by Floor Space index of 4.15.
The Official Plan for this land allows for a maximum of 15 storeys and a Floor Space index of 2 so the application as proposed, significantly exceeds the limits set out in the Official Plan.
Many residents shared their their well researched and thoughtful opposition to this application including 65 emails and 26 live delegations from the community received at the meeting. In general the residents spoke about their concerns with what they characterized as the overdevelopment that they feel this application represents.
I agree with most of what was expressed so well by the community members. I also added my concern that approving the building in its present proposed form would create a dangerous precedent regarding the height and density of future applications in this area.
It is clear that a building of this size in this area is not consistent with the Official Plan and most importantly the vision that this plan, and our present residents, expect for the future of our community.
While I agree that our current Official Plan (OP) is in need of an update (we have begun this OP update process before COVID hit – see here for more details – or I do not think that even after an OP update is complete, the choice to approve a building like this in this location would be consistent with my vision for Richmond Hill or that of the residents of the area.
In speaking to many residents over the years, we all agree that growth should, and must happen along Yonge St. What I have consistently heard from residents however is that this growth must happen according to a comprehensive approved plan (an Official Plan) and it must also be consistent with what our residents envision for our future. I believe this vision should be, and can be, achieved but applications like the one are not acceptable in achieving this vision.