Council Launches Urban Forest Management Plan

Did you know Richmond Hill’s urban forest is made up of approximately 2.6 million trees on public and private property? That means 29.1% of all land in Richmond is covered with trees!
We need to maintain and increase the health of our urban forest especially as we experience growth pressures. We also know we are forecasted to experience more extreme weather due to Climate Change, and a healthy urban tree canopy can assist in buffering the impacts of severe weather.
Richmond Hill’s new Urban Forest Management Plan, which was approved by Council in June, will prepare us and strengthen our ability to manage and maintain a healthy urban forest in the future.
The City’s urban forest encompasses all trees and woodlands on both public and private land. It serves to create a healthy and resilient community by cleaning the air and water, reducing flood risk, conserving energy, counteracting urban heat stress and increasing property values.
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