Council Event Policy Review

It has always been important to me that any funds that Council as a whole, or individual Council members spend is done with the interests of the community in mind and with full transparency.
To that end I was happy to support a motion that required further steps to enhance the reporting, rules, and limits around fundraising and spending related to Councillor Hosted Events.
A 2018 audit and recommendations for changes to the existing policy regarding spending on Council Hosted Events, that I fully supported at the time, failed due to lack of support from the rest of Council.
I am pleased however that more recently a new report with recommendations was put forward to add stronger rules around how much money can be raised by Council Members from sponsors, as well as added policy around transparent reporting of these activities.
This recent set of policy changes passed. I would like to have seen this policy go further than it does but given the vigorous debate that ensued at the Council meeting I am at least thankful that improvements to the existing policy did pass and is now in force which will lead to increased transparency and accountability from all members of Council when hosting Councillor Events.