Council Declines Inclusion of Online Voting in the 2022 Municipal Election

On June 9th Council considered a staff report that suggested Richmond Hill voters be offered the additional option to cast their votes online in the 2022 municipal election.
It was my hope and expectation that Richmond Hill would join over 150 Ontario municipalities that already successfully offer online voting as an option. It is important to note that online voting was offered during the 2020 School Board by-election that took place in Richmond Hill. The process ran smoothly and efficiently.
There are many reasons why I support a hybrid model with online voting and traditional paper ballots as options. The convenience that is offered by online voting, the past proven success that other municipalities have clearly had with this process, the likelihood that voter turnout will increase as a result, and the fact that online voting creates a greater deal of equity and choice for more voters, are some of those reasons that I mentioned in my comments supporting adding online voting, during the Council meeting.
According to Dr. Goodman, a leading expert on online voting that we hired to review the recent online voting during the 2020 school board by-election in 2020, over 96% of voters were satisfied or very satisfied with the experience.
Council also received a petition requesting online voting be enacted. This petition was signed by over 300 citizens.
To read the full staff report that Council considered please visit –