Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

I had the exciting opportunity to tour the new Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital. This second Mackenzie Health Hospital is close to completion and will be open for the public in early 2021.
It has been a long journey to open this facility but it will provide much needed capacity for delivering excellent medical services for Richmond Hill and all of Southern York Region.
Both hospitals will offer a full suite of medical services between the two sites, but perhaps most importantly will include emergency services at both sites. For an excellent video describing the new hospital please visit
During the tour I found it remarkable the care, attention to detail, and planning that has gone into this new facility. I have no doubt that excellent care will continue to be provided when residents of Richmond Hill and York Region need that care. This what matters most to all of us!
Thanks to Vaughan Councillor Alan Shefman for joining me on the tour, and Hospital president Altaf Stationwala and Vice President David Stolte who acted as our guide.