Community Road Safety

At a recent Council meeting I moved a motion to have our staff come back to Council with the results of a Town wide Traffic Operations Study that would recommend ways that our Traffic Engineering staff can enhance, and be more proactive regarding community safety on our roads. I believe the results of this study will be important now and as we grow.
At a Council meeting in April, Council passed two interim measures that are consistent with enhancing community safety. The first was to add a pedestrian crosswalk on Rollinghill Road in the area of two local schools, St. Marguerite d’ Youville and Moraine Hills Public School. The thorough analysis by our traffic engineering staff led to this safety enhancement.
The other change that was recommended by our Traffic Engineers was to make Lucas Street from Trayborn Drive to Mill Street a Community Safety Zone. There are a number of requirements that needed to be met in order to qualify as a Community Safety Zone but through the study, staff was able to confirm that this was an appropriate change to apply to this area.
There is no question that there is more work to be done to address traffic issues as we grow as a community, and I am looking forward to the results of the Traffic Operations Study to determine what other changes are appropriate and effective to increase road safety.