Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Richmond Hill Council moved towards the final steps in passing our Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP). A directions report for CEEP was considered and endorsed by Council in December. The direction given to staff was the goal of significantly reducing our Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Specifically the direction was “That the Draft Community Energy & Emissions Plan be prepared based on a proposed reduction target of Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050”. This is an ambitious goal and one that is attainable.
To view the Staff Report SRPI.20.030 Interim Report on the Community Energy & Emissions Plan please click this link
The staff has solicited a great deal of citizen feedback in the formulation of this plan up to this point and to those residents that gave their time and added their voice to the plan – Thank you!
The final CEEP plan will come forward to Council in the near future.
For more information visit the city’s website