Communication in an Electronic Age

Who remembers this?
I have always believed that a strong community can be achieved if there is strong citizen engagement in the decisions that are made on our behalf by the local government. I also believe that in order to achieve this engagement people need to be informed about these decisions, be made to feel welcome to engage with government officials, feel welcome to express their concerns, and feel welcome to provide input on their needs as residents.
I have tried to provide information and the forum to engage through a number of means including this monthly newsletter. In this day and age of electronic communication it is much more efficient and timely to communicate en mass to residents through a newsletter like this. While Richmond Hill councillors do have a budget for sending hard copy newsletters through the mail, the frequency of these newsletters, the cost, and the timeliness of this form of commication has lead me to use this e newsletter as one of my preferred choices as a communication vehicle.
I would encourage you to forward this email to a friend and/or suggest that they sign up to receive the newsletter. There is a “forward to a friend” box at the side of this newsletter to do this in a single convenient step. You can also suggest that friends sign up. Simply tell them to send me an email at [email protected] and write  “newsletter” in the subject line. I will be happy to add them to the list.
As always I welcome comments about anything related to our town. All input is appreciated because it all goes toward making us the best community that we can be!