City Restores Observatory’s Natural Heritage and Beauty

Richmond Hill is making strides in the development of the Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory (RHDDO) Park, with the completion of significant restoration work on the historic Observatory dome and administration building.
Over the past year, adhering to strict requirements for heritage restoration, intricate work was carefully carried out on the 86-year-old buildings to restore the exterior heritage features to their original state. This work included restoration of wood windows and doors, repairs and conservation of metal surfaces, replacement of metal roofing and flashing, and masonry and concrete repairs and restoration. Additional efforts were made to preserve the structures for the future, such as the installation of new foundation waterproofing and drainage systems, upgrades to existing municipal services, and upgrades to electrical systems. The restoration work is a key part of the RHDDO Park Master Plan, and was completed on time and within budget.
The City is also making progress on other projects identified in the first phase of the plan, setting the foundation for the advancement and development of this destination park that will attract visitors from all over the GTA.
Woodlot restoration work already underway will preserve and enhance the natural areas on the parkland and restore the woodlands to a healthy forest. More than 8,000 trees and shrubs have been planted and fencing has been installed to protect newly planted trees from browsing deer and allow tree growth.
Later this year, the City will embark on building a 2.25 km trail system so residents can enjoy more of the natural beauty of this park during all seasons.
For more information about the history of the RHDDO and the City’s Master Plan for the area, visit