City Invites Feedback on Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Draft Plan Aims to Build Resiliency, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Richmond Hill – Richmond Hill is embarking on a journey to become more resilient to the effects of climate change and is asking residents for comments on its draft Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP). Developed in consultation with the community, the CEEP will guide the City in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), conserving energy and exploring related economic opportunities.

The goal of the CEEP, titled Richmond Hill’s Path to a Low Carbon Future, is to reach net zero emissions by 2050. That means, by the year 2050, Richmond Hill will have reduced its GHG emissions as much as possible and will not be emitting more than it is offsetting. Offsetting is the reduction of emissions in one place to compensate for emissions in another.

The CEEP outlines seven program areas each with their own sub-targets to help achieve this goal, including:

  • Transportation transformation
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Smart, renewable energy
  • Towards zero waste
  • Compact community
  • Municipal leadership
  • Natural heritage

The City is committed to working with residents, businesses and all levels of government to realize this ambitious and aspirational low-carbon vision. This is a community driven plan and everyone is invited to participate.

The draft CEEP is available for review at and anyone wishing to provide feedback can email comments to until April 12, 2021. Community input will help to inform the final CEEP, which is expected to be presented to Council later this spring.