Building Community in our Community

What specifically does it mean when someone speaks about the great community in which they live? I am sure that, in part, they are describing all the built things in the neighbourhhood. They are almost certainly speaking about the houses on their street, the community centres, libraries, and parks.  However I also think they are likely speaking about the connections that exist between friends and neighbours – the people who live there – because a community is certainly not only about built things.
Working towards producing and maintaining these strong connections is really a grass roots activity, and it comes in many forms, and on many scales. “Richmond Hill Where People Come together to Build our Community” was the theme of a foundational document that was produced in Richmond Hill 8 years ago – Our Strategic Plan. Building community has been a focus of our Council now for many years as we grow as a Town. At a fundamental level this effort of community building has a great deal to do with building connections between people.
As always there is a lot going on in our Town that brings us together as a community. Below in this e newsletter I have outlined some of the upcoming activities that are of particular interest. I hope that you will have a chance to partake in some of them. It is a great opportunity to get out and explore all that our community has to offer, meet neighbours, and enjoy the rich culture that we have in Richmond Hill.
I always appreciate hearing your comments about any issue in our community. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at any time. My email address is [email protected], my cell number is 416-346-3090 and my office number is 905-771-2480.
Banner Photo – Beautiful photo and words by Ward 4 resident Jeffrey Thompson