Better Health Care in Richmond Hill

It was an exciting day on Friday at Mackenzie Health Hospital. The hospital received delivery of a 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (MRI). This new MRI will provide state of the art medical imaging that will be able to diagnose medical issues at least twice as well as the current MRI at the hospital. In addition the new MRI will reduce wait times for this type of  medical imaging procedure.

There is no question our community will benefit from this technology. This piece of equipment like most equipment in the hospital is generously funded with community fundraising through the Mackenzie Health Foundation. I have been a volunteer and contributor to the Foundation for over a decade and have played a part in helping to bring many new improvements to health care in our community hospital. The campaign for this new MRI was a particularly impressive campaign, as it took $5M to be able to bring this new MRI to Mackenzie Health through the Picture This Campaign. We are still $600,000 from our final goal but are confident that our community will rise to the challenge to meet this target.

Congratulations to all the volunteers that took part in this campaign and demonstrated a commitment to better health care in our community!



“Mackenzie Healthand Mackenzie Health Foundation are extremely grateful to our donors who have generously donated funds to provide this vital technology for the benefit of our community. We also extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to our foundation volunteers who worked collaboratively with our healthcare team to raise funds and awareness in support of the MRI campaign. Together we will achieve our vision to create a world-class health experience.”

Altaf Stationwala, President and CEO, Mackenzie Health


“The community has responded with tremendous support by helping raise $4.4 million to-date towards our goal of $5 million to fund this vital new equipment to enhance diagnostic care at our hospital and improve the patient experience.”

Ingrid Perry, President and CEO, Mackenzie Heath Foundation

“The new 3 Tesla MRI scanner is one of the most sophisticated pieces of medical equipment that exists today. A single MRI scan can not only change a life, it can save a life.”

Bruce Langstaff, Co-Chair, Picture This Campaign