Back Yard Chickens?

Richmond Hill’s Animal bylaw is due for a review. I have had calls recently from a number of residents who would like to be allowed to keep chickens on their property. At the present moment, under our current bylaw, this is not generally allowed.
During any bylaw review I would expect a public input phase to discuss any changes and I would also expect a thorough review best practices in other similar jurisdictions.
I think with that model being followed we will be confident we are making any changes well and ensuring we do what we can to address any concerns from neighbours no matter what changes end up being made.
Through my research I am aware of the challenges and potential conflicts that keeping backyard chickens could create if it’s not done properly. To be successful there would need to be strict rules around the activity.
While I do not believe the Animal Control Bylaw review is being brought forward imminently, I have heard from a few people on this topic and I appreciate the input from folks like you and also that this Liberal article got the ball rolling on this topic
Please let me know if you have comments about this issue.