3rd Annual Ward 4 Maple Syrup Festival

It was a beautiful sunny spring day. The temperature warmed up enough for the sap to run in time for our Ward 4 Maple Syrup Festival. We celebrate many beautiful spring related festivals in Canada and all of them add richness to the coming of spring. One event that we all share as Canadians is Maple Syrup season – a uniquely Canadian spring occurrence. 
There were over 1000 people that came out to share in this celebration at the Richmond Hill Ward 4 Maple Syrup Festival. Thanks to the volunteers that helped to host the event and to everyone who came out and enjoyed the activities, the Maple Syrup, and who shared this festival with our community. I saw lots of smiling kids with slightly sticky fingers, and lots of community building it was a great day! 
Photos Courtesy of Chris Robart, Marj Andre and
David West