360 Kids Experience Youth Version

This past snowy and icy Thursday I participated in my first 360 Homeless experience for youth (yes I know I am not a youth but I volunteered to photograph this so they let me in). I have participated for the past 3 years in the adult version of the 360 Kids Experience, but this is my first time watching the youth version of this event happen. Over 30 local young people raised money for 360 kids (over $14000) and volunteered to be homeless for the night. It was really interesting getting to witness the participants going out and being homeless for the night because, unlike the adult 360 Experience, these participants are of the age that 360Kids really serves. As always I was struck by how incredibly hard it would be to be a homeless youth in York Region. I am proud of 360 kids for supporting youth in their time of need and making a bad situation better for the kids who are really homeless in Richmond Hill. As I have said before being young should be about growing, learning and finding your place in the world. It should not be about finding a warm and dry place to sleep at night!

Below are a few of the photos taken on Thursday.

West Photo-4736

On their way to find a shelter

West Photo-4752

Navigating the Transit system in York Region

West Photo-4781

Arrival at Belinda’s Place in Newmarket

West Photo-4760