The 360 Experience in Support of 360 Kids



The 360°Experience will allow 20 influential leaders of York Region to step into the shoes of a homeless youth and face the issues these youth do on a nightly basis while homeless. With only a couple ofdollars and a bus ticket; where do they go? How do they get there? Will they sleep at all?

I have been involved with 360 kids for some time now. I was initially drawn to this organization because of the compelling, but in my mind, “invisible” problem of youth homelessness in Richmond Hill. Over time I have learned just how large and shocking this problem really is in our community and in communities across the GTA. The youth who are affected by this issue can often be our friends’ and neighbours’ kids.

The 360 Experience will help me, and other other community leaders, to begin to imagine how difficult it could be for a young person to not have a place to come home to at the end of each day. I have been a school teacher in a tough area of Toronto and I am not naive about problems of homelessness, but a few weeks ago when I received the invitation from 360 kids to experience a night of homelessness, the prospect of being homeless, even for a single night, did scare me a bit. After some reflection I realized that the minor inconvenience that will be caused by participating in the experience is a very small price to pay to help solve this problem for even one young person, let alone all the kids that are served by 360 kids.


I am proud to support 360 kids and I hope you will support them with your pledge to support me in this very worthy cause.

To learn more visit –  https://www.360kids.caimage010