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From the Desk of Mayor David West
Summer 2022 Kick-Off E-Newsletter

Dear Neighbours,

Summer weather is here and activities are endless, it seems. 

This spring, as I have watched the news headlines from Ukraine, I have been looking for a way to make a positive contribution. Maybe you have been experiencing similar feelings? I have decided to host a Donation Drive for Ukrainian Newcomers. It is my hope that many residents will share my interest in supporting the families who are arriving in our community, fleeing with very few possessions and great haste. You will find the list of desired donation items on my website. I hope we will see you at Elvis Stojko Arena on Saturday the 16th of July between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. 

Together, our collective actions can have tremendous impact. Thank you

Mayor David West
City of Richmond Hill

Let’s continue to SHOW our diversity, our equity, and our inclusive attitudes through actions. 

Mayor’s Event – Saturday, July 16
Save the Date!

This summer I am choosing to host a Donation Drive for Ukrainian Newcomers
together with our partners The Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox Church, the Richmond Hill Welcome Centre, Richmond Hill Good Neighbours Facebook group, and York Region, we will be asking for what is needed most to support those displaced by the war in Ukraine as they rebuild their lives in Canada.
Please come with your donations July 16th.
Our partners are requesting gift cards rather than large items so they can be easily stored. Newcomers are most grateful to receive prepaid gift cards to local:
grocery stores
home supply stores
We will also be happy to receive NEW donations of:
toiletries and personal care items
clothing items with tags
‘back to school’ supplies
**We will not be able to accept food items, large or used items at this event. Thank you.

Please support newcomers to our community with me
Saturday July 16
Elvis Stojko Arena

Please visit my website for all the information and to register for the event:

Ontario Senior of the Year award to Juri Nowickyj with Ward 4 Councillor Sheppard, Deputy Mayor DiPaola and myself
Betty @HillTop Place
Golden Age Seniors Italian Social Club
Age Friendly Community

During Seniors Month, I have been fortunate to visit with many different groups and hear stories of lives well-lived. Thank you for spending time with me this month.

Special thanks to the following groups and organizations for your hospitality:

Hilltop Place, City of Richmond Hill’s 55+ Barbeque, Golden Age Seniors Italian Social Club

Crescent Village & Play Forever Program,

Delmanor 20th anniversary Celebration. 

I am looking forward to visiting Vishnu Mandir Seniors Centre and Mon Sheong Court in Richmond Hill in the weeks ahead.

Delmanor 20th Anniversary Celebrations
PlayForever and Senior’s Tech morning @Crescent Village

@ProjectPollinator, photo credit @YorkRegion
Spring is for planting

It has been a busy season of planting in Richmond Hill and together with our partners, we are working to support our Bee City of Canada and Tree City statuses. 

To be alerted to future planting events you can subscribe to Richmond Hill event updates here. Planting activities are also organized by Local Appreciation and Enhancement of Forests, LEAF, and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, TRCA .

Ward 4 Councillor Sheppard, LEAF volunteer John and myself at Beaver Greenway

David Dunlop Observatory

When the David Dunlap Observatory opened in 1935, in what was then rural Richmond Hill, its cutting-edge, 74-inch reflecting telescope was the second largest in the world. At the time, it attracted excitement and attention from astronomers and visitors across the globe, positioning Canada at the forefront of space discovery and helping establish the field of academic astronomy in Canada. 

On June 15th, 2022, Mr. Majid Jowhari, Member of Parliament for Richmond Hill, commemorated the national historic significance of the David Dunlap Observatory at a special ceremony to unveil a commemorative plaque.

The Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory is an iconic site in the City of Richmond Hill, full of heritage value and historical significance. I am so proud that this site has been recognized nationally. I am looking forward to it becoming a destination park that will welcome everyone to our city to celebrate the stars and enjoy the beauty of the vast natural parkland.

The Government of Canada, through the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, designates significant persons, places, and events that shaped our country as one way of helping Canadians and youth connect with their past. The designation process under Parks Canada’s National Program of Historical Commemoration is largely driven by public nominations. To date, more than 2,200 designations have been made nationwide.

National historic designations illustrate the defining moments in the story of Canada. Together, they tell the stories of who we are and connect us to our past, enriching our understanding of ourselves, each other, and our country. 

Credit to City of Richmond Hill Communications staff Press Release.

Celebrations…. In Person!

Looking forward to July, the City of Richmond Hill has planned a busy month as we embrace the summer season.

For a list of City led event planned for July, here is a calendar with the dates for Ribfest, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts Live in the Plaza, Mill Pond Concerts in the Park, and Canada Day festivities.

If it gets too hot outside, Richmond Hill Public Library has Summer Programming for all ages, and the return of the TD Summer Reading Club with awesome launch parties scheduled.

I hope you and your family can enjoy some of these local activities this summer and I look forward to seeing you there.

Richmond Hill Community Food Bank – Food Drive

The Richmond Hill Food Bank continues to urgently need the support of our community. Thanks to the initiative of Ward 4 Councillor Sheppard and the numerous partners, the word is out and spreading across our city, so watch for donation locations where you shop. 

For a list of all the most needed items and the numerous partner organizations, please visit the Ward 4 Councillor’s website: https://raikasheppard.com/

A big thank you to everyone involved for supporting our community. For more information about the Richmond Hill Food Bank visit their website.